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Let us never forget that government is ourselves and not an alien power over us. The ultimate rulers of our democracy are not a President and Senators and Congressmen and government officials, but the voters of this country.

--Franklin D. Roosevelt


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Election Information

Schedule Our PRO/CON Presentation Service at Your Venue in Placer County

LWV Placer County offers a free service via a Zoom interactive Pro/Con presentation, an impartial summary of the 2020 election ballot propositions including an interactive question & answer session. If you cannot catch a Zoom session, consider viewing our 2020 Election Pro/Con Presentation now on YOU TUBE by clicking on the following link:





We also offer free services throughout Placer County to moderate forums for candidates in local elections, local ballot measures, and local public policy. 

Contact our President at president [at] for more information.

Learn How To...

Register to Vote

If you have already registered to vote, you do not need to re-register unless you:

  • change your name
  • move to a new home address, or
  • you want to change your political party.

You can pre-register to vote if you are 16 or 17 years old; this can be done by paper application or online. You must be 18 years old to register to vote online and to cast your vote. 

See information about registering to vote in California: deadlines, cost, requirements, how to register, political parties, registration drives, living overseas, etc.

You can register to vote online at, or pick up a registration form at local post offices and libraries and at the Placer County Elections Office. You can call the Placer County Elections Office to have a form mailed to you.

Placer County Elections Office
2956 Richardson Drive, Auburn 95603

Check Your Voter Registration Status

Find Your Polling Location

You can find your polling place by:

How to Vote

The Easy Voter Guide helps new voters and busy voters learn about how to vote and what will be on the ballot in statewide elections. It also helps people learn how to make change in their community.

For more information on elections in California: preparing to vote, voting (in person, by mail, if you've moved), voting rights, take a friend to vote, results of past elections, etc. See m

Vote Safely!  Vote from Home!  VOTE EARLY!  Election Day is November 3rd

Sign Up! Let’s be ready to vote! Plan Ahead! VOTE EARLY!

  1. First-time voter? Register here:
  2. Changed Name, Address, or Party?  You must re-register:


  1. Active voter? Be sure!  Check your status:


  1. Age 16 or 17? Pre-Register:


  1. Watch pre-registration info here:

ALL CA registered voters will receive a mail in ballot for the November 3, 2020 Election, due to Covid-19, per CA Assembly Bill 860 being signed into law 

  1. October 5th, Placer County mails your ballot with “I Voted” stickers included.

If not received by October 15th, Call 530-886-5650 or toll free in CA at 1-(800)-824-8683 or E-mail: election [at]  Office Hours 8am – 5pm M-F.  Check your registration status:

  1. Placer County Vote-By-Mail process:
  2. How to Vote by Mail in CA, watch: 
  3. How to Return Your CA Vote by Mail Ballot, watch: 
  4. No Stamp, No Problem! Watch: 
  5. Want to track your ballot after you vote?   or sign up at:


Tools to get informed

  1. E-Z Voter Guide: - unbiased, easy voter information about

    ballot measures, polling place locations, and Secure Drop Box locations; in 5  languages, downloadable

  1. Voter’s Edge:  easy, unbiased information about

 candidates, propositions, and who is financing them

  1. CA Voter Bill of Rights, watch: 
  2. Promote the Vote, watch: 

VOTING EARLY means your mail in ballot will be counted sooner! 

  1. October 24: “National Vote Early Day” 
  2. Because of covid-19, no usual polling places will be open.   Instead, all counties are 

offering Voting Centers (in person) and Voting Dropboxes

Need/want to vote in person?   In-person early voting dates will be added to the

   above website when available.  Vote early!  Lines will be long on November 3rd.

  1. Complete ballot in Blue or Black ink; Sign the ballot envelope; mail EARLY via U.S.

    Post Office by Oct 26, or drop your ballot in one of the Placer County Security

    Drop Boxes located across the county.

  1. Made a mistake marking your ballot? Re-mark the ballot in a way that makes your 

intent clear. For physically damaged or lost ballots, Call 530-886-5650 or toll free in CA at 1-(800)-824-8683 for replacement

  1. Once received, County scans envelope’s security barcode, and verifies signature 
  2. NOTE!  If you miss the October 19 Registration deadline, you can still register and   vote with a provisional ballot:
  3. What is a Provisional Ballot? Watch: 

  1. Was my provisional ballot counted? Check here:

Election Volunteers Needed! 

  1. Be a poll worker:
  2. Age 16 or 17? Want to earn a stipend?  

CA Secretary of State video about Election Security and LWVPC contact info

  1. Election Security in CA, watch: 
  2. All videos given above from Sec. of State
  3. League of Women Voters Placer County (Updated 9/25/2020

ore information on how to vote in California: preparing to vote, voting (in person, by mail, if you've moved), voting rights, take a friend to vote, results of past elections, etc.

There is more helpful information for first-time voters at the Secretary of State website.

Why Do We Elect Judges? 

Electing judges is done differently than other elected officials. Learn more about how to evaluate judges on the ballot by clicking here.

Fast Election Facts