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The League of Women Voters Providence serves the city of Providence and the surrounding area. It is one of the oldest Leagues in the country. It was chartered in 1919, very shortly after the League of Women Voters was created as a division of the National American Women Suffrage Association at the NAWSA convention in St. Louis, MO March 1919.

The Providence League leadership works as a loosely organized group rather than as a formal board, and call themselves "Conveners." The Conveners meet on the first Wednesday of odd numbered months at 9:30 a.m. If you are interested in helping shape the activities of the Providence League please contact Liz Head emhead603 [at] hotmail.com

Current Conveners: Liz Head, Hollie Courage, Judy Dorian, Barbara Feldman, Martha Frutchey, Joan Retsinas, Maureen Romans,Mary Speare, Marian Styles-McClintock 

For more information on the chapter, including bylaws, meeting minutes, and program details, see our shared documents.

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2020 Community Discussion Series - In partnership with the Lippitt House Museum The (Unfinished) Legacy of the Women's Suffrage Movement: The Vote, Equity & Reform
Due to the pandemic,
the March events will be held on Zoom in the fall
   March 16th - Equity in Voting
   March 23rd - Criminal Justice Reform
   March 30th - Equal Pay for Equal Work

This year is the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment which made it illegal to prevent a woman from voting based on her sex. But in the last 100 years, what progress has been made on the issues promoted by suffragists--not only voting access but also criminal justice reform and equal pay? The 2020 community discussion series, in partnership with the Providence League of Women Voters, addresses issues suffragists fought for and how we can take action and promote change on matters still important 100 years later. The suffragists' activist legacy is still relevant for America today. The work isn't done--we're still at!


Besides holding our own Conversation series and the Lippitt House Discussions, the Providence League is actively pursuing improved funding for Public Libraries and monitoring School Building Repairs. In addition, we are attempting to start an Education Observer Corps. The Providence School Board meets the second Wednesday of the month. If interested, contact Sarah Gleason at sgleason116 [at] gmail.com.

For the latest issue of our newsletter, The Providence Leaguer, go here. This edition offers updates on the upcoming meetings, a recap of the Centennial Gala, and a report on the Providence School Board.

100th Anniversary Commemorative Activities

See photos of our gala RI Ratifications Celebration and more RI Suffrage History!
Providence charterWatch this space! To celebrate the 100th anniversary of this chapter, we will be creating a book of interviews, planning various events and celebrations, and selling items to celebrate the occasion.
RI Suffragists featured at the Centennial Celebration